Compact Moon - Fork of "Classic Compact" theme for Pale Moon
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Compact Moon


Fork of the theme “Classic Compact” by Ken Barbalace for Pale Moon. Includes an options extension, “Compact Moon Options”, also forked from Classic Compact Options.


Simply download the contents of the “src” folder and pack the contents of both the “options” and “theme” folders into a .zip file each. Then, rename the files to .xpi. Pack both of these XPI files with the install.rdf file in the “src” folder into another .xpi. Then, drag into the browser. You can install these separately if you wish, however it is strongly advised to install together.

On Unix systems (or Windows 10, with WSL) you can optionally run instead. Running this as-is will produce a .xpi file ending in -dev, and if run from the command line and appending a number (e.g. ./ 2) will append that number to the filename instead. To build only the theme or options components, append either theme or options after the number (e.g. ./ 2 theme). By default all components are built.


You can grab the latest release either from the Releases section of this repository, or the Pale Moon Add-Ons Site.