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NOTE: I do not have the time to maintain this extension any longer. If anyone wants to take over, fork away!

Tabgroups add-on

This is the repository for the Tabgroups add-on source code for Pale Moon, based on Tim Taubert's work as part of the proposal to remove Tab groups from Firefox and moving the removed code to an extension.

Homepage for the extension:

Code is licensed under the MPL 2.0, and taken from the Mozilla/Firefox source tree with miscellaneous fixups to make it work in Pale Moon and to provide some compatibility with other tab extensions.


Relevant BMO bug:

Release notes


  • Fix the extension up for use with Pale Moon 28.* / UXP (Thank you, Ketmar and WouterK, for your contributions!)


  • Fix skin to show missing icons on Mac/Linux
  • Rewrite deprecated JS for-each-in loops to ES6


  • Add missing defines to fix tab preview display in some cases.


  • Update appVersion


  • Target Pale Moon's GUID


  • Miscellaneous compatibility fixes


  • Initial release