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Pale Moon backup tool

This is the Pale Moon profile backup tool as available on the Pale Moon website:

Included in this repository

This repository includes everything you need to build and modify the backup tool, with the exception of the RAB this was created in.

It also includes 2 third-party components for convenience. Please note that these components do not fall under the MIT license of this application:

  • third party\7za.exe: stand-alone 7-zip archiver windows executable ©Igor Pavlov
    used to provide compressed archives
  • plugins\hpwUtility[nnn].zip: NeoBook plugin required by the application ©H.P.Wickern
    (See the license file inside the zip for more details)
    used to read/handle .ini files


To build this application:

  • Install Visual Neo or NeoBook 5 (the predecessor)
  • Install the hpwUtility plugin (.nbp) inside Visual Neo
  • Load the .pub project file
  • Check your path for embedded files to point to the correct path for 7za.exe
  • Run or Compile from within Visual Neo

Please note that a registered version of the RAB is required to make an application without a trial message.