• Basilisk 2020.03.04

    wolfbeast 1 year ago 90 commits to master since this release

    This is a major development update.

    • New modular setup for building: Basilisk has been split off from the UXP platform repository and will be maintained as its own application with UXP as a platform module.
    • Implemented asynchronous iterators (await and for await loops) (ES2018)
    • Aligned with the overhauled specification.
    • Implemented promise-based media playback.
    • Enabled seeking to next frame in media files.
    • Improved table drawing performance again after the rewrite for sticky positioning making it slow.
    • Aligned the way DOM styles are computed with mainstream browser behavior.
    • Increased the maximum XML nesting depth to 2048 levels for extreme corner cases and to conservatively align with other browsers.
    • Implemented an NSS performance optimization for Master Password use with limited effect.
    • Implemented non-standard legacy CSSStyleSheet rules functions.
    • Implemented the html5 element. To switch this on, flip dom.dialog_element.enabled to true.
    • Implemented CustomElements v1. (preffed, not functional yet due to reliance on shadowDOM).
    • Implemented rule processing stub for font-variation-settings.
    • Implemented optional catch binding (ES2019).
    • Changed the way hardware acceleration is controlled from applications.
    • Updated CSP processing to allow custom scheme wildcards to be specified without a port.
    • Removed the (unused) DOM promise implementation.
    • Disabled some logging in production builds.
    • Disabled allowing remote jar: URIs by default for security reasons. If you need this functionality for your non-standard environment, you can enable it with the preference network.jar.block-remote-files, but please consider moving away from this method of providing web-based applications.
    • Completely removed showModalDialog.
    • Performed various tree-wide code cleanups.
    • Removed various gadgeteering/redundant/dead DOM APIs (casting/presentation, FlyWeb)
    • Removed “Copy raw data” button from the troubleshooting information page, since it’s never used by us in that format, and users mistakenly keep using it instead of copying text.
    • Removed a bunch of Android support code.
    • Backed out a large code cleanup patch for causing subtle issues in website operation (e.g. WordPress). This will have to be revisited later; the reintroduced code is not in use in practice.
    • Fixed several crashes.
    • Fixed a parsing issue with tags.
    • Fixed an issue with form elements sometimes being incorrectly disabled.
    • Fixed some potential crashing scenarios with WebGL on Linux.
    • Fixed a potential pointer issue issue in cubeb. (DiD)
    • Fixed a crash due to ES6 modules (CVE-2020-9545).

    Built with the Unified XUL Platform @ 88da01c