• Basilisk 2020.04.15

    wolfbeast 1 year ago 58 commits to master since this release

    This is a major development update.

    Important: It is possible that since 2020.03.04 your browser is no longer checking automatically for updates, due to an oversight in keeping a pre-release preference. You may have to check for updates manually from the About box. Please verify after updating that your updating preferences are set correctly for your use!

    • Changed site-specific overrides to use an operating system macro instead of hard-coding a version.
    • Changed the way hardware acceleration is set on various operating systems.
    • Fixed an incorrect preference preventing automatic updates by default.
    • Changed the geolocation service requests to https thanks to a generous service donation by
    • Changed the security storage database type to SQLite.
    • Enabled AV1 support in all builds; this was erroneously not built in recent releases.
    • Fixed several potential crashes.
    • Re-imported the ExtensionStorage js module for use by browser extensions.
    • Removed the use of high-resolution Windows system timers from the layout refresh driver; this should help with some performance and battery life issues.
    • Fixed an issue with element outlines sometimes being drawn too large.
    • Fixed an issue with grid cell sizing.
    • Fixed an issue with layout frames (e.g. selection popups) being wrongly positioned.
    • Removed a potentially dangerous and otherwise ineffective optimization from the JavaScript engine.
    • Fixed unwanted behavior where created/focused pop-up windows could potentially cover the DOM fullscreen notification, hiding it from users. (CVE-2020-6810)
    • Fixed an issue where copying data as a curl request from developer tools would not properly escape parameters. (CVE-2020-6811)
    • Updated our sctp library code with several upstream fixes.
    • Fixed an issue with the release of document content viewers (CVE-2020-6819). Defense-in-depth.
    • Fixed an issue with handling functions with rest parameters. Defense-in-depth.
    • Removed HTTP Public Key Pinning (HPKP)
    • Removed HSTS preloading list support since these lists are no longer efficient.

    Built with the Unified XUL Platform @ 6f6d1f6