• v2021.01.05

    Moonchild 3 months ago 17 commits to master since this release

    This is a development and security update.

    • Fixed the display of dates and times to honor what the user has set in their regional settings.
    • Disabled the use of the legacy database format for stored passwords and certificates.
    • Worked around crashes and run-time issues with module scripts.
    • Moved the global user-agent override to the networking component. Please note that this may interfere with some “user agent spoofing” extensions.
    • Fixed a website layout issue with table-styled elements potentially overlapping when placed inside a flexbox.
    • Updated the list of prohibited ports the browser can use.
    • Updated NSS to 3.59.1
    • Security issues fixed: CVE-2020-26978 and CVE-2020-35112.
    • Unified XUL Platform Mozilla Security Patch Summary: 3 fixed, 16 not applicable.