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Moonchild [SSUAO] Add override for kroger adeab50020
2 horas atrás
build Use the platform's copy of config.guess 1 ano atrás
config Add Comm Build System 1 ano atrás
other-licenses/7zstub/palemoon [Installer] Update the 7-zip stub binary. 1 ano atrás
palemoon [SSUAO] Add override for kroger 2 horas atrás
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AUTHORS Base import of Tycho code (warning: huge commit) 4 anos atrás
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README.md Update 'README.md' 4 meses atrás
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client.mk Issue MoonchildProductions/UXP#1577 - Fix configure generation 8 meses atrás
configure.in Add Comm Build System 1 ano atrás
configure.py Add Comm Build System 1 ano atrás
mach Add a mach stub 1 ano atrás
moz.build Add Comm Build System 1 ano atrás
moz.configure Back-end branch pointer up date (Unstable 2020-11-02) 4 meses atrás


Pale Moon web browser

This is the source code for the Pale Moon web browser, an independent browser derived from Firefox/Mozilla community code. The source tree is laid out in a “comm-central” style configuration where only the code specific to Pale Moon is kept in this repository.

The shared Unified XUL Platform source code is referenced here as a git submodule contained in the platform/ directory and is required to build the application.

Getting the platform sub-module

git submodule init && git submodule update