• #1956
    Switch to Visual Studio 2022 for Windows builds. 46

    Moonchild3 일 전을 오픈

    Build System Enhancement OS: Windows Release Engineering

  • #1925
    Update gfx/2d/Types.h 5

    jobbautista92 주 전을 오픈

  • #1904
    The css d property for svg paths isn't supported in Pale Moon 5

    Joshix1 개월 전을 오픈

    Enhancement Images Layout - CSS Low Priority

  • #1899
    Decide what to do with the MDN documentation links in devtools

    Moonchild1 개월 전을 오픈 master


  • #1876
    Stop using GetNativePath on Windows 1

    Moonchild2 달 전을 오픈

    Low Priority OS: Windows Research The whole codebase

  • #1869
    Remove the toolkit download manager 2

    Moonchild2 달 전을 오픈

    App: Toolkit Code Cleanup On Hold

  • #1863
    Update freetype2 lib 2

    win7-72 달 전을 오픈

  • #1862
    Update Harfbuzz lib 1

    win7-72 달 전을 오픈

    High Risk Performance

  • #1860
    Change LayerManagerData::mDisplayItems to a vector instead of hashtable 7

    win7-72 달 전을 오픈

    Backed Out Performance

  • #1857
    No Master Password Prompt after NSS update 16

    g4jc2 달 전을 오픈


  • #1851
    Keep the embedded emoji font up-to-date 4

    Moonchild2 달 전을 오픈

    Leave open

  • #1844
    Remove standalone Mozilla Extensions build capability 1

    Moonchild3 달 전을 오픈

    Code Cleanup Research

  • #1843
    Update Windows version checking capabilities to include Win 11

    Moonchild3 달 전을 오픈

    Enhancement Leave open

  • #1837
    Remove irrelevant build-backends from the build system

    Moonchild3 달 전을 오픈 31.2.0 0 / 6

    Code Cleanup Good first issue Low Priority

  • #1828
    Stop using js expression closures

    Moonchild3 달 전을 오픈

    The whole codebase

  • #1827
    Support in-line calc() in z-index

    Moonchild3 달 전을 오픈

    Enhancement Layout - CSS Web Compatibility

  • #1826
    Support calc() in-line in more places

    Moonchild3 달 전을 오픈 0 / 3

    Layout - CSS Meta-issue Web Compatibility

  • #1824
    Continue to improve and maintain SunOS support. 1

    Moonchild3 달 전을 오픈

    Leave open Meta-issue OS: Solaris / Illumos

  • #1823
    CSS parser does not properly apply specificity calculations to selectors in the functional part of a pseudo class.

    Moonchild3 달 전을 오픈

    Layout - CSS

  • #1819
    Implement Intl.locale

    Moonchild3 달 전을 오픈

    Enhancement Javascript Web Compatibility