• #1894
    Implement nullish coalescing operator (??) 2

    by Moonchild closed 1 month ago

    Bounty Bounty paid Enhancement Fixed Javascript Standards Compliance Verified Web Compatibility

  • #1658
    Implement optional chaining 11

    by wolfbeast closed 2 months ago 31.0.0

    Bounty Bounty paid Enhancement Javascript

  • #1287
    Implement asynchronous iterators (ES2018) 7

    by wolfbeast closed 2 years ago 29.0.0

    Assigned Bounty paid Enhancement Javascript Standards Compliance

  • #1138
    Incorrectly receives json document 24

    by em92 closed 2 years ago 28.7.0

    Assigned Bounty Bounty paid Bug Devtools Fixed Verified

  • #1061
    Fix XRENDER bottleneck 59

    by wolfbeast closed 3 years ago 28.6.0

    Assigned Bounty Bounty paid OS: Linux Performance Rendering Verified

  • #816
    ES6 stringification needs to be made spec compliant (ES2019 misc) 25

    by Sa-Ja-Di closed 3 years ago

    Assigned Bounty Bounty paid Javascript Standards Compliance

  • #802
    Implement rest spread parameters for object literals (ES2018 feature) 4

    by wolfbeast closed 3 years ago

    Assigned Bounty Bounty paid Enhancement Javascript Web Compatibility

  • #1
    Test Issue

    by mattatobin closed 4 years ago

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