• #1917
    Attach FrameProperties to each frame instead of using a shared hashtable 3

    by Moonchild closed 3 weeks ago

    Duplicate Enhancement Layout

  • #1896
    Stop using GetNativePath on Windows 2

    by Moonchild closed 1 month ago 31.1.0

    Duplicate OS: Windows The whole codebase

  • #1816
    Investigate use of a more performant AV1 codec library 2

    by Moonchild closed 1 week ago

    Duplicate Enhancement Media

  • #1763
    Inplement hiding of scroll bar 4

    by nonetrix closed 1 year ago


  • #1727
    Github info box with commit info doesn't display 1

    by AHawkins closed 1 year ago


  • #1669
    Links in Github repository menu don't work 5

    by A984382 closed 1 year ago


  • #1493
    Clang: replacement function 'operator new' cannot be declared 'inline' 17

    by dbsoft closed 2 years ago

    Build System Duplicate Low Priority Low Risk OS: Mac OS X

  • #1331
    loom videos cannot be played - Giving error on UXP based browsers 1

    by Sa-Ja-Di closed 2 years ago


  • #1260
    Isolate widevine-adaptor from GMP 1

    by mattatobin closed 2 years ago 29.0.0

    Duplicate Media

  • #1256
    Make sticky positioning of table headers/rows possible 3

    by wolfbeast closed 2 years ago

    Duplicate Enhancement Layout - CSS Rendering

  • #1106
    Spread syntax is not supported in Palemoon 28.5.0 1

    by linux40 closed 3 years ago


  • #1044
    Build XULRunner with shared mozjs?

    by roytam1 closed 3 years ago


  • #980
    page elements not shown properly 3

    by Sa-Ja-Di closed 3 years ago


  • #819
    browser.tabs.tabMaxWidth /browser.tabs.tabMinWidth setting are not working 1

    by shellye5 closed 3 years ago


  • #783
    Remove sites allowed to store data offline doesn't work 2

    by wolfbeast closed 3 years ago

    App: Pale Moon Bug Duplicate

  • #248
    Change the way HTML tables are rendered 2

    by wolfbeast closed 4 years ago

    Duplicate Layout Web Compatibility

  • #39
    DOM - The origin should not contain the ref part of the URL 2

    by janekptacijarabaci closed 4 years ago


  • #1
    Test Issue

    by mattatobin closed 4 years ago

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