• #1474
    Captive Portal Detection cannot be pref'd off 6

    by g4jc closed 2 years ago

    Bug Fixed Low Priority Networking Verification Needed

  • #1348
    Update IME for latest Win 10

    by wolfbeast closed 2 years ago 28.8.1

    Critical Fixed OS: Windows Privacy Verification Needed

  • #1251
    Support Modern Solaris 15

    by mattatobin closed 2 years ago 28.8.0

    Assigned Build System OS: Other The whole codebase Verification Needed

  • #1104
    Clicking a link with a target should open only 1 tab 1

    by FranklinDM closed 3 years ago

    App: Pale Moon Verification Needed

  • #1102
    Web-Compat: Disable <meta http-equiv=set-cookie> 3

    by g4jc closed 3 years ago

    Code Cleanup Networking Verification Needed Web Compatibility

  • #940
    Crashes with some animated webp images. 2

    by wolfbeast closed 3 years ago 28.4.0

    Crash Images Verification Needed

  • #860
    Redirect for WLAN login pages is not working well. 22

    by RobertZenz closed 3 years ago

    String Changes Verification Needed

  • #853
    Add support for AV1 in MP4 + MSE 1

    by trav90 closed 3 years ago

    Enhancement Media Verification Needed

  • #776
    Crash on LAN/local network basic auth

    by wolfbeast closed 3 years ago

    Crash Networking Verification Needed

  • #775
    Quickly pressing the close button on tabs has a delay which is not seen in Firefox or chrome 12

    by shellye5 closed 3 years ago 28.2.0

    App: Pale Moon UI Verification Needed

  • #575
    Widevine/EME needs support for sbgp and sgpd 8

    by wolfbeast closed 3 years ago

    Fixed Media Standards Compliance Verification Needed

  • #517
    Fix about:newtab/quick dial page in Pale Moon 2

    by wolfbeast closed 4 years ago PM 28 beta 1 7 / 7

    App: Pale Moon Regression String Changes Theme Changes UI Verification Needed

  • #336
    Full-screen nav bar doesn't hide when focused during switching. 21

    by JustOff closed 3 years ago

    Bug UI Verification Needed

  • #246
    Remove code for sponsored "enhanced" tiles in NewTab page 5

    by wolfbeast closed 3 years ago

    App: Basilisk Verification Needed

  • #177
    History API calls do not change the address displayed in the urlbar in Pale Moon 11

    by JustOff closed 4 years ago

    App: Pale Moon Bug Regression UI Verification Needed

  • #155
    [PALEMOON] Frontend: Mass replace toplevel 'let' with 'var' in preparation for global lexical scope 15

    by janekptacijarabaci closed 4 years ago PM 28.0.0 release 6 / 6

    App: Pale Moon Critical Verification Needed

  • #1
    Test Issue

    by mattatobin closed 4 years ago

    Add-ons Manager App: Basilisk App: Fennec App: Pale Moon App: Toolkit Assigned Backed Out Bitrotted Bounty Bounty paid Bug Build Bustage Build System Code Cleanup Crash Critical Devtools DOM Duplicate Enhancement Everybody Wins! Extensions Fixed Good first issue Hang High Risk Images Incomplete Installer/Updater Invalid Javascript Layout Layout - CSS Leave open Legal Localization Low Priority Low Risk MailNews Core Media Meta-issue More info needed Networking Not an Issue On Hold OS: Android OS: Linux OS: Linux (AltArch) OS: Mac OS X OS: Other OS: Windows Parser Performance Places Plugins PR requested Privacy Product Polish Question Regression Regression-window Wanted Release Engineering Release Uplift Wanted Rendering Research Security Services SessionStore Standards Compliance String Changes Sync The whole codebase Theme Theme Changes UI Unconfirmed Verification Needed Verified Web Compatibility WebGL/3D Won't Fix Works for me