timer/clock/alarm add-on
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This is a fork of DerBrowserTimer for Pale Moon.

BrowserTickTock is a timer/clock/alarm add-on for the Pale Moon browser.

It allows you to set an audible and/or visual alarm by specifying the alarm time
in one of three ways: as a relative count down time (e.g. set the alarm to go
off in thirty minutes), as an absolute target time (e.g. set the alarm to go
off at 7:45 am), or as a regular interval (e.g. set the alarm to go off hourly
at five minutes before the hour). In addition, Browser Tick Tock can be set to
signal the hour and/or half hour with an alternate tone like a cuckoo clock.

The program is functionally, if not visually, patterned after a clock radio,
with a simple interface consisting of a digital time readout and several
indicator icons that can be placed anywhere on one of the browser toolbars. Left
clicking on the time will toggle between several display formats. Right clicking
will open the main application menu where you can enable the alarm, access
Browser Tick Tock settings, and display Help information.

Other features:

 - Multiple time and date display formats. Menu bar clock can display the
   current time (in 12- or 24-hour format), the current date, browser uptime, or
   the time remaining until the alarm, if any, is set to fire.
 - Optional alarm notifications include popup window, alert slider, and audible
   alarm, in addition to the reasonably unobtrusive menu bar icons used to
   indicate alarm. Can also load one or more web pages at alarm time.
 - Choice of alarm and cuckoo sounds. Currently includes four standard alarm
   sounds, four cuckoo sounds, and the option to specify a .wav file for either.
 - Snooze function: click the alarm icon on the menu bar or use the snooze bar
   in the alarm notification popup window to temporarily silence the alarm.
 - Configurable alarm timeout and auto reset option. Alarm can turn itself off
   or reset automatically, if desired.