• #1813
    Enable date picker by default

    Moonchild1 月之前建立 29.5.0

    C: DOM Localization Low Risk

  • #1810
    Implement updated spec for {get|set}Transform Canvas2D

    Moonchild2 月之前建立 29.5.0

    C: DOM C: Rendering

  • #1808
    Improve mutationobserver handling. 1

    Moonchild2 月之前建立

    C: DOM C: Layout Hang

  • #1806
    Update libcubeb to latest version 5

    Moonchild2 月之前建立

    High Risk

  • #1805
    Improve thread stack limit checking

    Moonchild2 月之前建立 master

    C: Javascript Enhancement OS: Linux OS: Linux (AltArch) Verification Needed

  • #1804
    Fix build issues with GCC 11 15

    gentooman2 月之前建立

    On Hold

  • #1803
    Replace standard type trait classes with c++17 _v and _t variants

    Moonchild2 月之前建立

    Enhancement Low Risk The whole codebase

  • #1801
    Move SyncUI to platform and unifing the component under Toolkit

    mattatobin2 月之前建立

    App: Basilisk App: Pale Moon App: Toolkit

  • #1800
    Hook up the new V8 RegExp parser to our JS engine 1

    Moonchild2 月之前建立 14 / 22

  • #1795
    Update in-tree cairo

    Moonchild3 月之前建立

    C: Rendering Enhancement Performance

  • #1793
    Improve Toolkit Style on Windows 10 1

    mattatobin3 月之前建立 4 / 4

    App: Toolkit C: Theme Leave open

  • #1791
    Support CSS "appearance" unprefixed 3

    Moonchild3 月之前建立

  • #1790
    Remove unused URL Classifier and Safe Browsing components

    mattatobin3 月之前建立

    App: Basilisk App: Borealis App: Toolkit C: Build System Code Cleanup

  • #1789
    Devtools "prettify source" eats spaces after let and const keywords.

    Moonchild3 月之前建立

    Bug C: DevTools Low Priority

  • #1788
    Remove b2g/fennec leftovers

    Moonchild4 月之前建立

    Code Cleanup Meta-issue The whole codebase

  • #1787
    Remove DOM Apps and Permission features. 1

    mattatobin4 月之前建立

    C: DOM Code Cleanup

  • #1780
    Audit and remove system libs and their leftovers.

    mattatobin4 月之前建立

    C: Build System

  • #1769
    Add support for JPEG-XL images

    Moonchild5 月之前建立

    C: Images Enhancement

  • #1766
    Implement 3rd party cookie isolation per 1st party site

    Moonchild6 月之前建立

    App: Toolkit C: Networking Enhancement Privacy

  • #1765
    Support calc-in-color 2

    Moonchild6 月之前建立

    C: Layout - CSS Enhancement