• #1646
    Is wayland supported? 2

    by egils-consulting closed 1 year ago


  • #1604
    Does UXP still support BSDs system? 5

    by ghost closed 1 year ago


  • #1579
    uxp for lazarus ide 2

    by Reaper10 closed 1 year ago


  • #1236
    The application has been updated, but the SQLite library wasn't updated properly 1

    by clort81 closed 2 years ago


  • #1079
    Can't install https Everywhre on Basilisk-Browser 1

    by ghost closed 2 years ago

    Not an Issue Question

  • #1032
    Remove menu button 1

    by mopsafe closed 2 years ago

    App: Basilisk Question

  • #923
    [Question] Is Pale Moon 100% Free Software? 11

    by gjhklfdsa closed 2 years ago

    App: Pale Moon Question

  • #771
    Pale Moon for Android? 1

    by Ibuprophen closed 3 years ago


  • #621
    Privacy possum query 1

    by FrostKnight closed 3 years ago

    Not an Issue Question

  • #372
    [Question/Suggestion] Portable? i.e. Contained Local Settings 4

    by ghost closed 3 years ago


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    Test Issue

    by mattatobin closed 3 years ago

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