• #1630
    Consider enabling W3C Pointer Events 12

    by g4jc closed 9 months ago

    C: DOM Research Web Compatibility

  • #1583
    Pale Moon on macOS: System windows not localized. 6

    by Peacock365 closed 1 year ago

    App: Toolkit Localization OS: Mac OS X Research

  • #1264
    Evaluate the need for watch/unwatch shim in global browser scope 4

    by wolfbeast closed 1 year ago

    C: Extensions Research

  • #894
    Cleanup old code in the media subsystem 2

    by trav90 closed 1 year ago

    Assigned C: Media Code Cleanup Good Enough Research

  • #833
    Cross-compile win32 code from linux 30

    by g4jc closed 2 years ago

    App: Toolkit Assigned C: Build System Low Priority Research

  • #705
    Support GCC 8 1

    by trav90 closed 3 years ago

    OS: Linux Research The whole codebase

  • #625
    Problem processing a page with a lot of images 25

    by JustOff closed 2 years ago 1 / 2

    C: Layout Performance Research Won't Fix

  • #555
    Audit Pale Moon application prefs 2

    by wolfbeast closed 3 years ago PM 28.0.0 release

    App: Pale Moon Release Engineering Research

  • #496
    TypeError: this._recipeManager is null in LoginManagerParent.jsm 3

    by wolfbeast closed 2 years ago

    App: Pale Moon Fixed Research

  • #316
    The codebase won't build without DevTools Server because of heapsnapshot 7

    by mattatobin closed 1 year ago 29.0.0 4 / 4

    Build Bustage C: Build System C: DevTools C: DOM Leave open Low Priority Research

  • #305
    [PALEMOON] SessionStore need to be aligned with the updated nsISHEntry API 1

    by JustOff closed 3 years ago

    App: Pale Moon Research

  • #263
    Improve the memory allocator

    by wolfbeast closed 3 years ago 4 / 4

    High Risk Performance Research

  • #92
    Perpetual evaluation of GTK3 support 3

    by trav90 closed 2 years ago

    Assigned C: Rendering Leave open OS: Linux Research

  • #57
    Port Pale Moon to UXP 7

    by mattatobin closed 3 years ago 36 / 36

    App: Pale Moon App: Toolkit C: Build System Meta-issue Research

  • #12
    Investigate editor's KungFuDeathGrips for potential security concerns 1

    by wolfbeast closed 3 years ago PM 28.0.0 release

    Research Security

  • #1
    Test Issue

    by mattatobin closed 3 years ago

    App: Basilisk App: Fennec App: Pale Moon App: Toolkit Assigned Backed Out Bitrotted Bounty Bounty paid Bug Build Bustage C: Add-ons Manager C: Build System C: DevTools C: DOM C: Extensions C: Images C: Installer/Updater C: Javascript C: Layout C: Layout - CSS C: MailNews Core C: Media C: Networking C: Parser C: Places C: Plugins C: Rendering C: SessionStore C: Sync C: Theme C: UI C: WebExAM Code Cleanup Crash Critical Duplicate Enhancement Everybody Wins! Fixed Good first issue Hang High Risk Incomplete Invalid Leave open Legal Localization Low Priority Low Risk Meta-issue More info needed Not an Issue On Hold OS: Android OS: Linux OS: Linux (AltArch) OS: Mac OS X OS: Other OS: Windows Performance PR requested Privacy Product Polish Question Regression Regression-window Wanted Release Engineering Research Security Services Standards Compliance String Changes Super Critical II Turbo Revival The whole codebase Theme Changes Unconfirmed Verification Needed Verified Wanted: Release Uplift Web Compatibility WebGL/3D Won't Fix Works for me