• #1474
    Captive Portal Detection cannot be pref'd off 6

    by g4jc closed 1 year ago

    Bug C: Networking Fixed Low Priority Verification Needed

  • #1348
    Update IME for latest Win 10

    by wolfbeast closed 1 year ago 28.8.1

    Critical Fixed OS: Windows Privacy Verification Needed

  • #1251
    Support Modern Solaris 15

    by mattatobin closed 2 years ago 28.8.0

    Assigned C: Build System OS: Other The whole codebase Verification Needed

  • #1104
    Clicking a link with a target should open only 1 tab 1

    by FranklinDM closed 2 years ago

    App: Pale Moon Verification Needed

  • #1102
    Web-Compat: Disable <meta http-equiv=set-cookie> 3

    by g4jc closed 2 years ago

    C: Networking Code Cleanup Verification Needed Web Compatibility

  • #940
    Crashes with some animated webp images. 2

    by wolfbeast closed 2 years ago 28.4.0

    C: Images Crash Verification Needed

  • #860
    Redirect for WLAN login pages is not working well. 22

    by RobertZenz closed 2 years ago

    String Changes Verification Needed

  • #853
    Add support for AV1 in MP4 + MSE 1

    by trav90 closed 2 years ago

    C: Media Enhancement Verification Needed

  • #776
    Crash on LAN/local network basic auth

    by wolfbeast closed 3 years ago

    C: Networking Crash Verification Needed

  • #775
    Quickly pressing the close button on tabs has a delay which is not seen in Firefox or chrome 12

    by shellye5 closed 3 years ago 28.2.0

    App: Pale Moon C: UI Verification Needed

  • #575
    Widevine/EME needs support for sbgp and sgpd 8

    by wolfbeast closed 3 years ago

    C: Media Fixed Standards Compliance Verification Needed

  • #517
    Fix about:newtab/quick dial page in Pale Moon 2

    by wolfbeast closed 3 years ago PM 28 beta 1 7 / 7

    App: Pale Moon C: UI Regression String Changes Theme Changes Verification Needed

  • #336
    Full-screen nav bar doesn't hide when focused during switching. 21

    by JustOff closed 2 years ago

    Bug C: UI Verification Needed

  • #246
    Remove code for sponsored "enhanced" tiles in NewTab page 5

    by wolfbeast closed 2 years ago

    App: Basilisk Verification Needed

  • #177
    History API calls do not change the address displayed in the urlbar in Pale Moon 11

    by JustOff closed 3 years ago

    App: Pale Moon Bug C: UI Regression Verification Needed

  • #155
    [PALEMOON] Frontend: Mass replace toplevel 'let' with 'var' in preparation for global lexical scope 15

    by janekptacijarabaci closed 3 years ago PM 28.0.0 release 6 / 6

    App: Pale Moon Critical Verification Needed

  • #1
    Test Issue

    by mattatobin closed 3 years ago

    App: Basilisk App: Fennec App: Pale Moon App: Toolkit Assigned Backed Out Bitrotted Bounty Bounty paid Bug Build Bustage C: Add-ons Manager C: Build System C: DevTools C: DOM C: Extensions C: Images C: Installer/Updater C: Javascript C: Layout C: Layout - CSS C: MailNews Core C: Media C: Networking C: Parser C: Places C: Plugins C: Rendering C: SessionStore C: Sync C: Theme C: UI C: WebExAM Code Cleanup Crash Critical Duplicate Enhancement Everybody Wins! Fixed Good first issue Hang High Risk Incomplete Invalid Leave open Legal Localization Low Priority Low Risk Meta-issue More info needed Not an Issue On Hold OS: Android OS: Linux OS: Linux (AltArch) OS: Mac OS X OS: Other OS: Windows Performance PR requested Privacy Product Polish Question Regression Regression-window Wanted Release Engineering Research Security Services Standards Compliance String Changes Super Critical II Turbo Revival The whole codebase Theme Changes Unconfirmed Verification Needed Verified Wanted: Release Uplift Web Compatibility WebGL/3D Won't Fix Works for me